Elle & Alix Silk Bedding

Elle & Alix uses the finest 100% pure naturally hypoallergenic mulberry silk, scientifically proven to rejuvenate our skin and hair. Silk sericin in all of our sleep products allows our skin to maintain its natural moisture which reduces wrinkles, stress and signs of aging. Our silk is an organic protein which naturally deters dust mites & bed bugs. Elle & Alix sleep products allow our mind and body to experience the ultimate rest and rejuvenation every time you rest.

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Why Silk?

Silk Sericin: Nature’s bed for rejuvenation, nourishment and metamorphosis.

Silk is a natural fiber containing 13 amino acids coated with silk sericin. It repels dust mites while its natural hypoallergenic characteristic eliminates allergies and asthma caused by cotton and other spun fibers. Silk can absorb up to 40% of it’s weight in moisture which lets your skin breathe while you sleep. Silk’s natural temperature regulating property gives it the ability to keep you warm and cozy in the winter yet cool in the summer.

The amino acids in silk and the unique molecules in silk sericin have amazing abilities to help our skin reabsorb moisture, therefore directly aiding dry skin and eczema. The smooth filaments of silk coated with silk sericin rejuvenate hair by stimulating hair growth, fighting frizz and glides over hair making it great for hair extensions. Silk also has been scientifically tested to reduce signs of stress and fatigue and eliminate wrinkles. [Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research Vol. 63, April 2004]

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With proper care and usage your Elle & Alix silk linens should last at least 5 years. While silk is strong, the lightweight and higher thread counts produce a sensitive product that requires careful attention. Silk fibers are less than half the gage of cotton and require special care while using.

The following directions will help keep your linens soft, supple and luxurious for years to come.

Silk Filled Comforters

  • Dry Clean Only

Silk Linens: Sheets, Shams, Duvets

  • Cold Water Only
  • Hand or Machine Wash (Gentle Cycle)
  • Wash alone or only with other silk fabrics of like colors.
  • Use Recommended Cleaning Products
  • For best results, line dry in indirect sunlight or machine dry on air dry setting for NO MORE THAN 15-20m. Silk is a protein, like human hair, and overheating WILL damage the fibers.

Cleaning Products

  • We highly recommend the Elle & Alix pH Balanced Bleach Free Fine Fabric Wash.
  • You can also use pH Balanced Hair Shampoo or Laundry Soap for proteins like wool & silk.
  • Never bleach silk linens.
  • Avoid Oxyclean and other oxidizing stain removers.

Please contact us with any questions related to caring for your Elle & Alix silk linens!

Luxury Linens operates our Elle & Alix brand in North America.

Our mission is to share the 4000 year old secret of luxurious silk bedding with the world.