Babolat Aeropro Drive

Babolat Aeropro DriveBabolat has been a part of tennis’ history since the advent of rackets in the game. In fact, the company’s slogan is “Tennis Runs in Our Blood”. Indeed, it has been run by family from the beginning and continues with its current CEO, Eric Babolat. The company was founded in Lyon, France one year after the modern version of the game was created in 1875.

Up until 1994 Babolat’s focus was on the strings only. Then in 1994 Babolet began to design and market rackets. Currently, Babolat is the number 2 manufacturer of tennis rackets in the world. When you consider how long the game has been played internationally and how many companies there are who specialize in the design and manufacture of tennis rackets, it is really saying something that a company that specialized in strings up until 1994 is now the second largest in the world.

The Babolat Aeropro Drive is one of the most popular rackets they offer. It offers improved control for the player with a solid feel in a player’s hand. This racket is particularly suitable from players with a 3.5 level to many seasoned pros. The larger head provides for a larger sweet spot to create a stronger impact on the ball and the aero shaft helps the player gain more speed on ground strokes and serves. These carefully designed features provide a well-balanced racket that doesn’t tend toward heaviness or awkwardness in the hands. The lightness helps create a sense of maneuverability that players really appreciate, especially players who tend to play the entire court with a focus on the baseline, but still likes to sweep in for an attack on the net from time to time.

Tennis is a game of power, speed and prowess. The stick of choice for each player reflects his or her playing style. Intermediate players with some experience will appreciate the improved feel for the game they will get with the Aeropro Drive, while professionals like Rafael Nadal already know what it means for their game.

Variations in the range include the Babolat Aeropro drive, Aeropro drive GT, Aeropro drive cortex and the Aeropro lite GT rackets.

Here’s a video review of the Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Racket from Tennis Warehouse

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