Babolat Pure Storm

Babolat Pure StormThe Babolat Pure Storm is a great racket for players who want more manoeuvrability. What this means is this player wants a racket that helps them play deep or shallow, hard or light touch on the ball, and low groundstrokes or powerful kill shots. These players are seeking control and better spin for variations in the game. For example, a player who likes to attack the net will like the better spin control.

Intermediate to advanced players will benefit most with the Babolat Pure storm. These players have already learned how to use the court more effectively to win points and matches. The frame is made using Carbon Extreme Technology that actually braids the carbon material at alternate turns so that the player has a better feel for the ball on impact in the string bed. The woofer grommets allow more flexibility in the strings. This means the contact with the ball lasts just milliseconds longer for better control on the ball in play, which is great for players who want better spin control.

The strength of the frame combined with its smaller sized head creates a balanced sense of control, and the lighter weight works best for players who supply their own strength in their swing and impact on the ball. The lighter weight makes the racket move faster through the air so that the player’s strength creates the amount of power against the ball rather than the heavier weighted rackets that move slower and use the weight for force against the ball. Babolat Pure Storm is perfect for the player who knows his or her strength and stroke length at the intermediate or professional level verses a player who is just beginning to understand the differences.

Selecting a rackets for your game can be mind boggling when you realize who many things must be factored in for the selection process. You will need to think about your game style: power vs. finesse (or a combination of the extremes). You will have to know about your stroke style: Short and fast or long and slow. And you will need to consider how you use the court in your game: baseline, whole court or net attack (or all three?). You also should think about how you need the racket to feel in your hand: heavy or light? Once you have put it all together, you can then begin to examine the many types of rackets available.

The Babolat Pure Storm tennis racket features great all round characteristics with lightweight maneuverability and response fused with a crisp comfortable feel. In addition this racket boasts excellent levels of control allowing you to perform with accuracy and precision on court.

Features Graphite Tungsten in the form of GT technology. Graphite Tungsten filaments are located throughout the frame to help strengthen the frame against torsional instability providing you with increased stability and performance whether you’re looking to hit deft shots or powerful passes and smashes.

Woofer technology in the grommets is the first technology which makes the frame and the strings interact when striking the ball. This boils down to 25% more contact time between the ball and the strings which in turn means more control and a comfortable feel for you.

• Weight: 295g
• Balance: 32.5cm
• Length: 27 in.
• Head size: 98 sq. in.
• Grip: Skin Feel

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