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Babolat StringsIn 1875, when Pierre Babolat created the first Babolat strings, and the only string, at that time, made out of natural gut, he created a legacy that many other tennis product manufactures have yet to come close to.

Although the company manufactures many tennis products including bags, apparel and racquets, the brand takes extreme pride in their Babolat strings because for so long, that was all that they specialized in.

Pierre`s Babolat`s creation of natural gut tennis string led to the company`s debut of the VS natural gut Babolat string in 1927,  the Babolat ATP  stringing team in the 1980`s and the 2011 official stringing partnership with the French Open.

In fact, Babolat  strings are taken so seriously by the company that on February 29,2012, Babolat hosted the first Babolat VS String Team Academy where nine of the top stringers in the industry became certified to string for the Babolat VS String Team.

Mickey Maule, Babolat National Sales Manager, said that only the best stringers were invited to partake in this event. Babolat`s mission is to the create the tennis community`s  finest stringing team, ?Our team created this event to have time together to share, learn and explore our collective knowledge of strings and the art of stringing to better service our players and customers.?

As the one of the leading manufactures in the market, the brand has extremely high standards, not only for their tennis string but for their stringing team as well. In order to be on the team, stringers must have extensive knowledge of Babolat  strings, impeccable stringing technique and know how the different stringing technologies affect each player`s game.

Currently, Babolat strings are available in synthetic, natural gut and hybrid lines; all built specifically for tennis players of all different styles of play.

The Babolat  string Synthetic line is offered in three collections; Power, Durability and Comfort.  An extremely popular string among the pros from the Power collection is the RPM Blast.

The RPM Blast Babolat  string is composed of forcible copolyester material and offers astonishing top spin. Because of the Cross-linked silicone, the RPM blast offers extreme spin. Some of the pros that prefer RPM Blast are Rafael Nadal, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Samantha Stosur.

The Pro Hurricane,  from the Durability line of synthetic Babolat  string, is extremely durable due to the blend  of polyester and  XFP coating. Pro Hurricane is preferred by pros, Safina and Gonzales.

The Addiction Babolat  string from the comfort line is built for novice players or those who wish to improve. Babolat calls the Addiction, ?the ideal technical compromise.?

The legendary VS Natural Gut Babolat  strings provide not only power and comfort but exceptional tension durability. Not only does the VS Natural Gut tennis string reduce the risk of tennis elbow, it has assisted the pros in over 100 Grand Slam victories!

The Pro Hurricane tour + VS Babolat  strings are from the company`s hybrid collection and is used by tennis superstar Andy Roddick. Made specifically for competition and skill improvement, the hybrid string allows players to swing with maximum power without having to worry about broken strings.

As a family owned and operated business for the past five generations and being the oldest company to specialize in racquet sports, Babolat takes a tremendous amount of pride in their product; especially Babolat strings.

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