What Racket Does Agnieszka Radwańska Use?

Agnieszka Radwańska RacketAgnieszka Radwańska uses the Babolat Pure Drive Lite GT racket, which is an excellent choice for those players lacking a little power in their game. It’s a solid all-round racket which provides a consistent, comfortable feel when striking the tennis ball. It’s capable of delivering a decent amount of spin and generates much of its own power, making it a perfect fit for those who like to play a defensive baseline game.

The GT part of the name refers to the graphite tungsten technology implemented in the racket frame. These graphite tungsten filaments help to prevent torsional instability and allows players to hit both huge power shots as well as deft slices and volleys.

One of the main reasons for loss of feel with a racket is the high-frequency vibrations produced when striking the tennis ball. Babolat have addressed this with the new cortex damping system, which filters the higher frequency vibrations while leaving the lower frequency ones – vastly increasing feel.

The racket also includes Babolat’s woofer technology in the grommets which control the way the strings interact with the frame during contact. This increases the amount of time the ball is in contact with the strings and helps improve the level of both control and spin the racket is able to provide.

Radwańska is known as one of the most tactically intelligent players on the tour, with technically excellent form. Her slight frame prevents her from playing the big shots we see from the likes of Serena Williams, however her overall variety of shots combined with outstanding movement and anticipation make her one of the most consistently tough players on the tour.

She has a huge range of shots in her locker and is capable of producing impressive spin and angle on her shots. Her slices are excellent and she also has a fantastic disguised drop shot which is played with basically the same motion is a normal forehand and backhand, making it extremely difficult to read. Her trademark is her crouching shot where she will quickly drop down to return a ball which has been played extremely low or straight to her feet.

She can occasionally be vulnerable when a big hitter is finding the lines against her, but for the most part her intelligent, varied style of play allows her to go toe to toe with some of the best players in the world. She really knows how to use spin and angle well and often wins points by outsmarting her opponent or drawing an error from across the net.

Head size: 100in sq.
Weight: 275g
Balance: 320mm
Length: 685mm
Composition: Graphite/Tungsten
Grip: Syntec


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