What Racket Does Andy Murray Use?

Andy Murray RacketAndy Murray has played tennis since he was a small child in Dunblane, Scotland. When he became a junior player at a higher competitive level he started to use better, more sophisticated rackets which ultimately lead him to his current preference, Head Youtek IG Radical Pro.

The Radical Pro is the heaviest one in the line with a head size of 98 sq. inches and a weight of 10.9 oz. (unstrung). The Youtek frame technology is so sensitive to the player’s swing and the frame is so strong that even the most powerful strike will send the ball exactly where he wants the ball to go.

The open string pattern provides more top spin and power along with the racket’s high technology to create a better playing area on the string field. The effect on the ball is the way the “bite” of the strings grip the nap of the ball’s material. Essentially this means that the player can get a lot of power when they strike the ball without needing to put forth additional muscle power, thus allowing the player to use his athletic prowess to defeat opponents rather than himself reducing his endurance in the game.

The game of tennis is about power and finesse; grace and athleticism. The better athletes know their strengths and play to them by using the best equipment available that matches their personal style of play. Murray knows his game so well that he recognizes that the Radical Pro offers him power and finesse without the added effort on his part so he can focus his mind, body, and energy on affecting his opponent’s game more than focusing it on his own. He already knows his game. His job is to figure out the other guy’s game so he can put his own spin on the ball and crash right through the other guy’s plan. He walks away a winner more often than not, so he must be doing something right with the right racket.

This racket features D3O technology. Integrated into the lay-up and positioned in the shaft of the racket, this is essentially material that changes its behaviour and adapts to different strokes during play for the best results. Aggressive shots come with a high-speed impact and so the molecules lock together and increase stiffness, thus providing more power. Upon the impact of slower shots the molecules absorb the impact and add a softer touch for better feel. If you think quickly and make sharp decisions, this racket will be with you every step of the way.

The racket also includes Innegra hybrid-composite structure. This tough fibre is the lightest performance fibre in the world and reduces the amount of vibrations upon impact for better stability, in the long term this will also improve the durability of the racket.

This PRO version of the YouTek Radical is used by Andy Murray, combining a higher weight with a more open, and aggressive, string pattern. It also features a full cap on the 630cm sq. head size for a unique feel.



  • Head Size: 630cm sq.
  • Unstrung weight: 310g
  • Balance: 320mm
  • Length: 685mm
  • Grip: Synthetic Leather Grip
  • String Pattern: 16 x 19


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