What Racket Does Angelique Kerber Use?

Angelique Kerber RacketAngelique Kerber uses the YONEX Vcore 100S racket, which features a unique isometric square head shape designed to reduce the dead space found in most traditional round frames by maintaining a large sweet spot. The sweet spot on the more conventional round headed racquet is where the 11 cross strings and 8 main strings meet, however on this racket that isometric square head shape allows the sweet spot to be increased to 15 cross strings and 10 main strings.

The racquet is weighted at the three and nine o’clock positions of the frame, which gives the face of the frame a greater moment of inertia. The frame is also extremely stable and the IPS construction vastly reduces the torque within the frame. Stability is further increased the deep grooves in the 3-D vector shaft, which work to both reduce the twisting of the frame and increase the racquet stiffness.

It is an excellent racquet for those looking to produce increased levels of spin on the ball, as the shaft and throat are designed to increase contact time between the ball and the racquet. The grip also features a cushioned underside to reduce vibration at the point of contact and increase feel for the ball. This is further improved by the shock absorbing grommets, with each of these features working in tandem to reduce injuries to the wrist, arm and elbow.

Angelique Kerber’s style of play is best described as an aggressive counterpuncher, as she deals well with pace but does not tend to go for aggressive winners of her own. Despite being left-handed she does not possess many of the aspect traditionally associated with a left-handed player, who traditionally base their game around exploiting this advantage. She is an incredibly strong player physically and she’s able to move quickly around the court, although her anticipation is not the best and she’s not the most graceful mover in the world.

Kerber’s style of play is built around strength and speed, as well as her determination to get the better of her opponent. She wins many other matches simplify by outlasting her opponent and I having stronger will to win than the person across the net.

Her game does occasionally lack a bit of finesse and she sometimes struggles to finish off points, especially when she’s moving up the court to attack the ball. Her serve could also be a little better and she doesn’t make the most of being left-handed in this aspect of her play. She is constantly seeking to improve these parts of her game, and she has the potential to have an excellent few years on the tour.


•              Head Size: 100 sq.in.

•              Weight: 300g

•              Length: 27.0 in.

•              Material: H.M. Graphite, X-Fullerene

•              Recommended String: PTGP125

•              Stringing Pattern: 16/19

•              Colour: Red/White


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