What Racket Does Caroline Wozniacki Use?

Caroline Wozniacki RacketCaroline Wozniacki uses the YONEX Vcore 100S racket. The unique isometric square head shape on this racket was designed to provide a large sweet spot while reducing the dead space found in a normal tennis racket. The smaller surface means it’s able to travel through the quicker, increasing the head speed and manoeuvrability of the racket.

A typical sweet spot, conventional racket is where the 8 main strings and 11 cross strings meet, however on this racket this is increased to the area where the 10 main strings meet 13 cross strings. This 10% increase in size makes ball striking more reliable than most traditional rackets.

The racket produces its high level of spin via the oval pressed shaft, which increases dwell time and gives just the right degree of flex in the throat to allow players to hit with accuracy and spin. The frame is also given additional stability from the grooves in the 3-D vector shaft, which increase the stiffness and reduce twisting of the frame.

The feel provided by the frame is enhanced by the super cushion grip and the shockless grommets, which combine to filter vibration and increase feel for the ball. The additional cushioning the system provides also helps to reduce injuries to the wrist, elbow and shoulder by ordering the stress placed on the joints.

Wozniacki is one of the best defenders on the women’s tour, and is well known as an excellent counterpuncher. Her court speed, agility and anticipation are all outstanding and form the core part of her game. Although she may lack any huge weapons she is capable of quickly turning defence into attack, and her backhand down the line is arguably her best shot. It is this lack of a major weapon which led many to question her place at the top of the sport, and her defensive style can leave her vulnerable to the big hitters, but Caroline remains one of the most popular and talented players in the world.




Head Size: 100 sq.in.

Weight: 300g

Length: 27.0 in.

Material: H.M. Graphite, X-Fullerene

Recommended String: PTGP125

Stringing Pattern: 16/19

Colour: Red/White


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