What Racket Does David Ferrer Use?

David Ferrer RacketDavid Ferrer’s tennis racket of choice is the Prince EXO3 Tour 100 16×18. This racket is great for players like Ferrer who like to play deep as well as attack the net. The larger head is great for doubles players who work near the net. The larger string pattern creates a softer yet lively touch for players who play with finesse rather than power.

David Ferrer became a professional in 2000 in Spain. Over the last decade he has racked up a great career and numerous titles, including his first Masters 1000 title in November 2012. The Tour 100 racket is a great fit for his game because his game isn’t built around power – he focuses on control of the ball to make his opponents really earn their points.

The heavier weight of the Prince EXO3 tour 100 at 11.5 ounces creates a stronger impact with the ball without the player having to throw too much weight or muscle into the swing, thus reducing stress on the player’s body over the course of a match. It’s the little things like this that have helped make Ferrer one of the toughest guys on the tour to beat.

Prince originally started out a company that specialized in tennis ball machines used to help players with their game. Eventually Prince got into other aspects of tennis, including rackets, clothing, and footwear. Howard Head, when working for Prince, designed the first oversized tennis rackets in 1976. One year later they added the first Graphite rackets that were lighter than wood. The lightness of the graphite improved the speed of players’ swings, while the larger size of the racket heads improved their control of the ball.

In 2005, 03 Tech was introduced in Prince’s rackets that allowed for customizing strings on individual player’s rackets so that players who wanted their sweet spot to have a stronger impact or a lighter touch could create that feel and sense of control in their games.

To the casual tennis fan, the rackets all look the same for they all do the same thing. But to the more informed fan or player, each racket’s size, string style, and frame material makes for a totally different racket from any other. This is why it is important for players to choose the right “stick” for their game. The right fit makes all the difference in the world in the win-loss column of tennis.

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