What Racket Does Jo-Wilfred Tsonga Use?

Jo-Wilfred Tsonga RacketJo-Wilfred Tsonga uses the BABOLAT AeroPro Drive GT racket, the same racket Rafael Nadal uses. The racket combines outstanding balance with excellent power and performance, and is suited to a wide range of playing styles.

It’s a racket designed for the modern player, with the Aero Modular Technology designed to increase the racket head speed through the air. This allows players to play powerful shots from almost anywhere on the court.

The GT technology is built around graphite tungsten filaments places throughout the frame. These work to increase torsional stability and provide a solid feeling racket, which will react well to huge serves and light volleys alike.

The grommets incorporate woofer technology, which allows for interaction between the strings and the frame. The increased contact time this allows means increased levels of control and spin when striking the ball.

The final important aspect of the racket is the CDS (Cortex Dampening System), which filters out the high frequency vibrations that interfere with feel. The low frequency vibrations are maintained, further increasing the feel and elevating the level of control the racket provides.

Tsonga’s style is a bit of a mix of the old and the new. He mixes a big serve and heavy baseline game with one of the best net games on the tour. He’s one of the dying breed of players comfortable playing a serve and volley style of game, and his movement is excellent considering his frame.

His serve is one of his biggest strengths, and he’s able to mix power with slice and precision. He wins a lot of free points from his serve through aces, the one-two punch and the aforementioned serve and volley. The power he generates is excellent, as he uses an abbreviated serving style – something he owes partly to the

Tsonga is very much an attacking player, and he uses his big forehand to dictate the play most of the time. The forehand is his most reliable shot, and he’s capable of hitting winners from almost anywhere when he’s timing the ball well. His backhand is an interesting shot, as he has recently started to occasionally throw in a one-handed backhand instead of the usual two handed style he has traditionally adopted. The two-handed backhand is generally used as a rallying shot, while the single-handed is used as an attacking down the line shot or a passing shot. His game, however, like many of his peers, is all about the big serve and forehand.

Racket Specifications:

Weight: 300g

Balance: 32cm

Length: 27 in.

Head size: 100 sq. in.

Grip: Syntec

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