What Racket Does Li Na Use?

Li Na RacketLi Na uses the Babolat Pure Drive GT racket, one of the more high tech rackets that Babolat produce. It is very much designed to give players additional power when striking the ball, and this power, combined with the high level of control included the pure drive range, makes it a devastating weapon in the right hands.

The graphite tungsten filaments through the shaft work to increase the overall stability of the frame, and they react differently depending on what kind of shot you are hitting. Big, powerful swings make the frame stiffen up, providing additional power, while controlled swings mean the racket cushions the ball more.

The Cortex Dampening System filters out high frequency vibrations, vastly increasing feel for the tennis ball. It’s this combination of technologies that make the racket a good fit for a range of styles.

Li Na tends to play an aggressive game from the back of the court, hitting the ball heavy and deep from both wings. Her groundstrokes are almost always hit flat and hard, a style which is well complimented by her choice of racket. Her forehand is her most effective shot, and although at times it’s prone to being a little temperamental it tends to be her go-to play when she’s trying to be the aggressor. The backhand is a little more reliable and tends to be more of a rallying shot, although she is more than capable of hitting winners from that side.

She’s also an excellent athlete and is usually able to defend well when required. Her aggressive play means she’s often able to turn defence in to attack, making her a tough opponent when she’s on form. Unfortunately her form can be a bit erratic, and she has been prone to periods where she doesn’t play to the best of her ability. This tends to manifest in a high unforced error count when her timing is off, as she won’t switch her style of play to be more cautious.



Weight: 300g

Balance: 32cm

Length: 27 in.

Head size: 100 sq. in.

Grip: Syntec

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