What Racket Does Petra Kvitová Use?

Petra Kvitová RacketPetra Kvitová uses the WILSON Steam 100 BLX racket. This range of rackets was intended for those looking for some additional power and spin on their shots, and is perfect for those looking to play an aggressive attacking game. Despite providing this extra power and spin the racket remains light and manoeuvrable and players of any skill level should be able to use it fairly comfortably.

The ability to provide this extra power and feel despite its lightweight is a result of the Basalt fibres that are woven with Karophite Black filtering in the frame. These provide stability alongside offering plenty of feedback to the hand when striking the ball, increasing both control and feel.

Kvitová is a powerful left-handed player, well known for her excellent serve and groundstrokes. She makes up for her lack of speed on the court by dominating the points from the baseline and moving her opponent around as much as possible. Her heavy forehand and backhand are powerful, accurate shots and her outstanding timing means she can stand right on the line and be the aggressor most of the time.

She is an excellent prospect and many expect to remain at the top of the women’s game for some time to come. Her aggressive game means she will remain a threat at the hard court majors and Wimbledon in the near future.


Headsize: 100 in sq

Length: 27.25 in

Unstrung Weight: 287 g

String Pattern: 16 x 20

Cross Section: 23mm Flat Beam


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