What Racket Does Sam Stosur Use?

Sam Stosur RacketSam Stosur uses the BABOLAT Pure Storm GT racket. This racket is a great all-rounder and offers a solid mix of power, response, manoeuvrability and feel and should allow most players to play their tennis with accuracy and precision.

The GT technology (graphite tungsten) stabilises the frame and is capable of reacting to the type of shot been played at any given time. It recognises when the ball is being struck firmly of weakly and adjusts the stiffness of the frame accordingly, making it a good fit for almost any style of play.

The technology incorporated in the grommets works to allow strings and the frame to interact when striking the ball. This system increases the contact time with the ball by up to 25%, which, in turn increases the ability to put spin on the ball and again elevates feel and control.

Sam Stosur’s style of play has developed throughout her career, and she started as more of a serve and volley player and doubles specialist before progressing to become an established singles player. As you would expect from someone with her doubles experience, Sam is excellent at the net and has a fairly solid drop shot.

When playing from the back of the court she dominates her opponents with her heavy topspin forehand and tends to hit the shot inside out rather than hit her backhand whenever possible. The backhand side was considered the weaker part of her game and was often exploited by her opponents, however she has vastly improved the shot over the last couple of years and now possesses strong two-handed backhand.

Her serve as regarded as one of the most effective on the women’s tour. Her first serve, while occasionally unreliable, is a powerful weapon and she generates a lot of pace on the shot. Her second serve, a high bouncing kick serve, is arguably the best in the women’s tour and is rightly credited as having a hugely positive effect on her clay-court results. It’s her solid serving and big forehand, paired with her incredible physical fitness, which makes her a tough proposition for anyone she faces.



Weight: 295g

Balance: 32.5cm

Length: 27 in.

Head size: 98 sq. in.

Grip: Skin Feel

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  1. Julian F. Vaughn January 17, 2013 at 9:09 pm #

    Samantha Stosur needs to get rid of that Babolat and begin to work out with a vintage 70′s WILSON T-2000 or T-3000 STEEL racket.

    This would help her first serve and make all of the difference between loss and victory.

    There is something mystical about the power of STEEL. She needs to learn this.

    Not that I am a great tennis coach, but I am available any time to help her.

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