What Racket Does Serena Williams Use?

Serena Williams RacketSerena Williams’ new racket for 2013 is the Wilson Blade 104, this year’s update to the BLX Blade Team. Reviews have suggested that the racket is extremely manoeuvrable and is capable of producing outstanding amounts of spin, and also is a very comfortable racket to use. In less experienced hands it is prone to occasional instability when going for big shots as a result of the amount of power it’s capable of generating, however more experienced players will find it an extremely potent piece of kit.

The comfort is provided by Wilson’s Amplifeel technology, which is built into the grip and combines basalt fibres with engineered foam to provide increased levels of feedback to the hand when striking the ball.

Serena Williams established herself as one of the greats of the game fairly early in her career and has amassed an incredible amount of tournament wins, including multiple grand slam victories. She plays the majority of tennis from the back of the court, and possesses some of the most powerful weapons on the women’s tour.

Her serve is widely regarded as the finest ever to appear in women’s professional tennis. The power, spin, and overall variety she produces with this shot has won her as many matches as any other part of her game as it allows her to take control of the point right from the start. Controlling the point allows her to dominate her opponents with her big power game from the back of the court, and the consistency of both sides means she can really go for the lines and play aggressively most of the time.

She’s also a competent player at the net and possesses solid slice and drive volleys as well as an excellent overhead smash which allows her to finish up points consistently when she moves in. Although she spends most of her time attacking she also possesses a sound defensive game, and it’s this range of shots and skills, combined with her incredible will to win which has led to her becoming one of the greatest champions in the history of the sport.

Weight Unstrung 289grams
HeadSize 104in2
Length 27inches
Stringing Pattern 18 x 19
Beam 22 mm Flat Beam

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