Wilson BLX Rackets

Wilson BLX RacketsWilson BLX rackets are designed for players who want to play for power, yet use control for put away shots over the net. Rackets are designed to do more than simply hit a ball. If that was the case there would be no need for so many different types, weights, frames, string beds, etc. They would all be the same.

But, it does matter how the racket feels in a player’s hand when they swing for the ball or when they serve it into play. A top heavy racket would not allow a smaller player who doesn’t have a lot of strength to get the ball over the net for points, if at all. A smaller player would be better suited with a mid-sized head with a lighter frame so they can power through, but they also might prefer an evenly balanced racket that distributes the weight of the racket as it cuts through the air and carries forward to create impact on the ball.

The varying sizes of the rackets and frame compositions matter because comfort in the grip is just as important as effectiveness of the head and string bed. If the grip is too wide for a smaller hand, the player won’t get as good a feel for the ball as they would have with a grip that lets them gain more control of the entire racket.

The Wilson BLX is a mid-sized frame with a forgiving feel, meaning that the rackets feels more like an extension of the player with a better balance and less vibration. The head is lighter than most and the string bed is firm enough to get great impact on the ball for players who prefer to play the net and challenge opponents more.

Tennis is a challenging, constantly moving game that requires speed and quickness in the feet and head. A player must feel a connection to the racket so that they almost seem to think and react as one. The best players know how to use the extension of the racket as a part of their body so that the quickness of the feet is as important as the swing of the racket. The very best players prefer Wilson rackets, including the likes of Roger Federer and Venus Williams.

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